"frozen in a state of permanent immaturity" is beside my name and pic in the invisible dictionary of life. Sorry, not even a little. National Lampoon and Monty Python were both my faves. There was a writer named Chris Miller for Nat Lampoon.

The only time I laughed more was watching the Monty Python and the Holy Grail scene, "It's just a Flesh Wound". ( https://youtu.be/-6VTci1Bunk )

Thanks for the mammaries! As I say to myself - "What, are you 12?"

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That National Lampoon cover in this piece was the brainchild of editor Michael O'Donahue, who later became the first head writer for Saturday Night Live in 1975.

There's been a nice response to this one ... I think people can relate to the humor. I think people want to laugh.

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